curated by QW3RTY TEAM

       ReMap3, 23 Thermopylon str, Metaxourgeio

 opening: Monday, 12 September, 17.00 – 22.00
     duration: 12/09/2011 – 30/10/2011

Wed - Friday: 17.30 - 20.30
Sat - Sunday: 12.30 - 20.30

You can say anything for anyone. Always something fits”
I. Bergman, “Scenes from a Marriage” 

UNDER CONSTRUCTION GROUP: Panos Famelis + Maro Fasouli + Dimitris Foutris + Alexandros Laios + Spyros Nakas, in collaboration with Nikos Kanarelis.

The team, consisting of six visual artists, negotiates the notion of Ego, in order to express its positions in terms of personal data presentation. Separate aspects, concerning the self image, become the main “corpus”, and are being presented by narrations.

Some of the stories are confessing the existential anxiety as in the case of Dimitris Foutris, Maro Fasouli and Alexandros Laios; οr even actual facts that have stigmatized life as the armed house robbery, according to Panos Famelis story telling; they may also take the form of one person’s false identity belief, like Nikos Kanarelis who investigates the issue of self identification through the social mechanism of the star system using the persona of an actor of a Turkish soap opera called “One Thousand And One Nights”. Finally, Spyros Nakas provides us with his daily morning routine as a member of the global network community of interactive gaming. The team’s intention is to locate a social aspect through autonomous beliefs that co-exist generating an in situ community, revealing the notion of Ego to its public extent. 

The project consists of six different and independent readings, digitally reproduced. Each one of them refers to a personal statement on the meaning of the self. The concept is to use an empty space with one entrance. Six pairs of speakers surrounding the exhibition space, one pair for each narration separately will create a sound collage for the visitor. As the visitor proceeds towards each pair of speakers, will be able to listen to each narration individually. 

Under Construction Group was formed in 2008 and they initially presented the homonymous installation at the Action Field Kodra08 (Thessaloniki). Selected group shows : My Living Room (2008), Zoumboulakis Galleries (2009), OPEN LIDO 12 Lido, Venice (2009), the Municipal Market of Kypseli (2010).

Under Construction Group is :
(Panos Famelis + Maro Fasouli + Dimitris Foutris + Alexandros Laios + Spyros Nakas)

QW3RTY curatorial team was formed in 2010. The same year they presented the group show Evolution ID – Totem-Coat of Arms-Logotype with the participation of 13 artists and 13 graphic design teams in Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center. In 2011 they participated in Art Athina with the project Blitzkrieg presenting New 

York’s Electronic Arts Intermix.
QW3RTY Team is:

Katerina Nikou + Antonia Pilarinos + Rinetta Koskinidou

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