07.06.2012 – 20.06.2012
Curated by : the QW3RTY team
The QW3RTY curatorial team presents GPO’s project THE ASTRO TRAVELLERS. The exhibition will open on Thursday, June 7th 2012 at 19.30 at Art Factory, Lamias 6, Tavros and will run until June 20th 2012.
GPO present the Astro Travellers:
Hard, Taxis, Quits, Ejay, Palms, Tales, Lie, Krime, Iron Wolf, Ners, Elias Kafouros, Ozone, Fantomas, Icos, Mufa.
Beware of imaginary stories. They reveal what you are deep inside. Like the dreams.
Raymond Queneau, Les Fleurs Bleues,1965

GPO act within a reality where the barrage of information does not allow the processing and classifying of each image. The Astro Travellers, having as a starting point the union of the imaginary and the real, create an explosive – multilateral narration.
They interfere catalytically in an enormous industrial space creating their own version of a contemporary reality. Using the space as a metaphor for the architecture of thought, GPO unfolds the massiveness of their visual practice in a complete full-scale environment. With social and cultural changes concerning contemporary culture as their basic motive, they produce a hyper-realistic and sarcastic iconographic commentary, in the tradition of art brut, outside the limits of the established visual art culture.
Utilizing a vividly contemporary visual vocabulary and a seeming chaotic yet authentically of-the-moment methodology of thought, the a Astro Travellers attempt to trigger clarity.
opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 18.00 – 21.00 / Art Factory, 6 Lamias str, Tavros  (next to the Athens Heart shopping center)


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